September 1, 2014

Made - Shake Creative Challenge Day One

The other day while wasting time on Facebook I happened to come across a post that got my brain ticking over in a way I kinda liked. It was a challenge to see how creative you could be throughout the month of September. 

I like to think that I am a bit creative. At least some times in some little way.

I would like to be more creative and most certainly feel like I need a bit of a challenge so I thought I would give it a go and join on in.

The first prompt is Made.

I did think that I could just take a photo of something I had made. You know like a child (of mine, not just any old random kid) but that didn't seem very creative. I then thought I could share photo of a blanket I made.

Only technically it is not yet made as I am still in the process of making it.

So instead I give to you a random collection of sentences involving the word made.


Made a song, not too long, one I hope you’ll sing along
Made it short and kinda sweet, in the hope it’s tune you’ll keep 

Made it right
Made it wrong

Made it hot 
Made it cold 

Made it somewhere in between

Made for you and not for me 
Made for me and not for you

Made sure that somehow it will do

Made by hand and not machine
Made with love not mass produced

Made no sense, but there you go

Made it work

Made it good
Made it bad

Made me cry
Made me laugh
Made me hurt 
Made me bleed

Made it all just make-believe.

Made a cake
Made a mess

Made it through the day
Made it to the night

Made it all turn out alright


  1. (Not sure if my other comment flew into etherspace) BUT I love this Rhianna, the colours are gorgeous - happy making - emily : )

  2. I do like this list - wonder if anyone will reference it for learning English as a second language ;)