Hello and Welcome.

Some of you may already know me from my other blog A Parenting Life.  Sometime in 2011, fellow blogger Karlee, over at The Mother Experiment began hosting a little meme called ME & YOU.  It was all about having a look at your life and finding something that you wanted to change.

Of course what woman doesn't have something in their life they want to change?

Only this was all in a positive way.  There was no self bashing or beating when things didn't go to plan or stumbling blocks were put in place.   These changes were with a group of supporting and caring women who knew exactly what it felt like as they were in need of the same or at least similar change.

Cutting a somewhat long story short Karlee passed the meme on to me as over the months since she had introduced it I had embraced the concept with two hands.  Each week I was more and more amazed at the little changes I had made.  Better yet they were all coming together to make bigger changes and I was feeling slightly chuffed and rather pleased with my efforts.  The best part was I had regularly, if not religiously, blogged.  Which meant I was regularly writing and only good things happen when I write regularly.

I was more than excited to be starting the new year with a lovely little meme of my own to nurture and grow.  Expanding on from Karlee's Me and YOU concept I began to intertwine making it matter.  It felt like a natural progression to me.  I had been making the time to make the little things matter and the results were speaking for themselves.  I felt like I had unlocked some sort of secret and the thought of being able to share it with the world was more than just exciting.

I spent hours imagining all the women I could inspire to make even just a tiny change in their life.

Sadly though that was not quite how it turned out.

I some how lost my mojo and my once regular blogging and conscious effort to be the best me I could be had flown out the window.  Each and every time I sat down to write my post to host the meme I was blank.  Everything I wrote seemed trite and trivial and anything but inspirational.  My self doubt and lack of confidence was only worsened by the fact that few people were taking the time to link up.  The positive feedback I was receiving from my posts didn't seem to matter and I lost track of where I thought I was going.

When I announced that I was dropping the meme the response astounded me.  In fact I was left feeling like a little spoilt child that had just thrown a tantrum and realised how stupid that was.  I had no idea that in some teeny tiny ways I was actually already inspiring people and that I just needed to keep going.  I have said it before and no doubt I will say it again patience is not my strong point at times.

Needless to say after such a positive response to my whole notion of making it matter I knew that I could not just let it slip away.  Until now though I wasn't really sure what to do.  And not that I think of it a bit more I am still not really sure of what to do, just that I need to do something and this is a good a place as any to start.

So with that in mind make sure you sign up and follow along.