September 2, 2014

Walk - #ShakeCreative Day Two

I go out walking after midnight...

Every time I started thinking about how I would tackle today's prompt Patsy's words began wandering around my head. Which was actually kind of annoying because I couldn't get past that one line. Well I could but not with actual words just a bit of a humming moan that may or may not have actually resembled the tune.

After a while I could manage to somehow jump to as I walk through the shadows of the valley of death... Which really has no connection in any shape or form except for the fact they both mention the word walk.

When I first saw Zoey share her idea about the #ShakeCreative challenge I didn't pay it too much attention. Being that I am off enjoying #ouradventureofalifetime and all I doubted I would really be able to partake in it. I tried to pay it no more attention, however it kept creeping back into the crevices of my mind.

So here I am trying to be creative with the prompt of walk.

I go out walking, after midnight...

Seriously every time I think walk that song just jumps into my mind.

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