September 3, 2012

Why being really really ridiculously good looking matters

The Surprise Beginning
Well actually that is not true. Being really really ridiculously good looking is not important. Feeling really really ridiculously good looking however is something else altogether.

In fact that is what really matters.

Feeling really really ridiculously good looking

Since discovering this rather lovely little link up a few months ago I have started to change the way I think and possibly even feel about my appearance. I realised that I rarely felt anything towards my appearance.

Sure it is great to be comfortable with ones self but perhaps it is possible to have to much of a good thing.

Never having been a corporate high flyer or any other professional kind of worker for that matter, I have never had to dress for work as such. In fact the only standard that I have ever really needed to maintain is the one that states when out in public clothing of some description is worn.

Living in a tropical paradise means that everything is relaxed and comfort is the key. Both of which work rather well for me. However, as I am fast discovering with a little thought and effort here and there a relaxed, comfortable feel can still have a bit of flair.

Friday was the school's traditional Father's day breakfast. It also happened that Miss Eleven was performing at assembly. Such an occasion is surely worthy of both a blog post and a little extra omphff on the day?

Well I thought it was, so I made sure I chose something bright and cheery.

The skirt, in case you are wondering, is a handmade original from Monsoons & Mangoes. I used to be able to say a local designer but she recently left the tropical wonderland that is my home for a more southern location.

Due to my poorly emerging photo skills I neglected to capture the rather groovy side pocket. It is a gorgeous blue and just the handiest thing ever. Generally speaking I am a pants gal due to the pocket factor. I am lost without pockets. The novelty of a pocket on a skirt is beyond awesome.

I normally like to wear a blue singlet with this but black won out on Friday due to jelly making that was planned with the year one class that afternoon.

Once again this was a big week for dressing up. Saturday I tried something different by rolling my jeans into 3/4 length. They are quite wide so it works rather well and allows for a bit of extra (and needed) air flow. Adding to the list of reasons as to why I am not a blogger of the year is the fact I forgot to take a photo. I always seem to forget the photo, well apart from the one above that is...

What I don't forget though is that on Tuesday bloggers unite,

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The Surprise Beginning

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