February 26, 2014

Gleefully giving into Glee

Nearly the entire day yesterday was spent in front of the computer. Which was kind of a bit nice. I can't remember the last time I spent so long hanging around in the blogosphere. While I eventually managed to get a post out over at A Parenting Life, I possibly didn't get done nearly as many things as I should have.

But some days you just can't win them all. In fact most days, you can't win them all but as long as you win at something little else matters. And in my defence it turns out I have a rather valid reason for my lack of achievement. I was subjected to a glee marathon.

Lovely has been attacked by a dreaded lurgey. Caused mainly by a refusal to get enough sleep she has a sore throat and was unable to make it to school yesterday and today. Instead she has occupied the couch and begun to work her way through the wonders of glee.

Just between you and me, Glee is not something I have ever paid much attention to. I am not much of a TV girl at the best of times and something that everyone raves about is never going to get my attention. I am rebel like that you see.

However, after I don't know how many episodes of the singing and dancing that makes up Glee I am more than a little amazed at just how much I have actually started to enjoy it.

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Yep you heard me right, after nearly a full day of Glee I have just about become a convert. Sure some of the songs go on for just a little too long but as I mentioned earlier, you can't win them all.

I love how it sends out a clearer than clear message that it is ok to be you. In fact it is not just ok to be you but it is imperative to be you.

It also makes it pretty clear that it is best if you just accept people for being themselves without expecting them to change or be who you want them to.

As much as each character is filled with flaws and continually makes mistake after mistake, there is also the hope that in the end all will be ok. An ok and hope that transpires past that of just being a television show as well.

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