January 19, 2014

Making Up For Yesterday

Over at A Parenting Life I set myself, a bit of a write every day challenge. Nineteen days in and it has not exactly gone all that well. There has been back dating, missed posts and only a few days where I did actually manage to sit down and write.

One of the reasons I didn't write yesterday
was because I was making this little fella.
Sure I might have written lots when I did write but that isn't quite the point. I want to write every day. I need to write every day. It just has to happen.

Yesterday was another missed day.

Just as today is a brand new day.

Having gone to bed super early last night I was awake super early this morning. Zany climbing into my bed didn't help either. Rather than toss and turn in a space inhabited by more than it could comfortably fit I decided to get up and use the time wisely. I reasoned that if I could get a post up before the sun came up then it wouldn't be so bad to backdate it to yesterday.

As it turned out the post got written but published with today's date. All so it could link up with some other blog in the hope to pull a few more new readers. Because I am greedy like that some days.

That and I am slowly realising that every now and then my words do make a difference to someone's day. Often when least expected. To both them and I.

So really I am obliged to try and share my wisdomous words as far and wide as possible aren't I?

Leaving me wondering what to do about a post for yesterday.

On the one hand I know that it doesn't really matter whether there is a post there or not. And if there is a post there that has been backdated then does that matter either? Really all that matters is that I am writing isn't it?

Though I am acutely aware that I run the risk of writing too much boring stuff and overloading with too many of my crazy inner thoughts. Oh the dilemmas.

You see the real benefit about me making myself write each and every day is that it means I will have instilled just a teeny tiny bit of discipline into my daily life. On the days where I am brutally honest with myself I know that a lack of inner discipline is my biggest enemy.

Nothing that some simple brain rewiring won't fix. I like to think of myself as work in progress. As awesome as I might be there is so much more awesome I could be. I just need to keep slowly chipping away at it all.

Rather than waste time beating myself up about all the things I didn't do I can see the things I did do. Like make that little owl up there and a couple of little fish.
For now though all currently feels well with my little world. I may not have blogged at APL yesterday but I have more than made up for it today.

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  1. Keep blogging, keep stitching, keep creating. Keep doing what you do. You are right your words will definitely make a difference. x