January 5, 2014

It won't happen over night.

What lies around the corner

Mr Awesome is on the couch practising his French. For no other reason than he found a free app that claims to teach you basics for a whole range of foreign languages. The Little Two are watching some My Little Pony DVD that we got earlier. There is sense of calm and peace through out The Shoebox.

Me, I am here.

Forcing myself to try and write something.

The start of a new year is always my favourite time to try and start new things. Especially new things that involve some sort of lifestyle change for the better. You know new things like every day exercise, clean eating, positive living and all that kind of thing.

Which is the complete opposite to Mr A, who point blank refuses to start anything on January 1st because it is sure to be doomed for failure. There are just too many failed new year resolution stories to convince me of otherwise. The fact that I don't have new years resolution success stories to put up in defence doesn't really help either.

And in so many ways he is right.

It doesn't have to be the first of January to make a life affirming change. You can resolve to make changes at any point in time. Just like actually making that change take place. It doesn't have to be only on January 1. It can be whenever you want it to be.

In fact unless you really want to make the change and are committed to making a change, the change you desire will just never come about.

For me, the appeal of resolutions starting at the new year is because it just makes it easier to keep track of. Part of my required inspiration to remain committed to something (anything) is being able to see the length of time that I am able to remain committed. Naturally the first day of a new year is easier to remember than something like the 18th February. Unless of course that is your birthday or some other significant event.

So far this year the only thing that I can say I have done each and every day is sit down and write. But that is ok, because at least it is something. And even if it is something I am forcing myself to do this very moment that is ok as well.

Sometimes we need to force ourselves. In fact I am certain that in order to get the very best and most out of life then we must force ourselves at least at some point, and if not regularly.

The other benefit to have forced myself now, is that now it is done and dusted and out the way. If I feel like writing again later then so be it, but my daily commitment for today is at least out the way.

As for all the other daily things I haven't yet managed to introduce?

Well I am positive that their day will come.


  1. Haha Mr A, I can see you guys being at a party or somewhere else and him popping out with this random yet fluent phrase in some foreign language and suitably impressing someone who speaks said language.
    You are totally right, every dog has its day and so does every good intention - good luck xx

  2. I like Mr A's philosophy , keeping it real there. But you are right it is today that matters, and forcing ourselves to do something can also lead to all sorts of wonderful. A lovely post Rhianna.