October 6, 2013

I must confess that I am a little late with things I know about being thankful.

It has been so long since I stopped to think about being thankful, on a Thursday or otherwise, that I am almost not sure how exactly to get started. The fact that the grumps from Tuesday are still hanging in the air doesn't exactly help.
Nothing makes me smile more than yellow
Well, almost nothing.
Or at least they were when I sat down on Thursday to write this post. Now that it is Sunday, the grumps as such may have dissipated but my writing time has not increased. Well at least not until now it hasn't. And naturally now that I have the time do you think I can actually think of something coherent to write? Of course not.

*avoids writing more by foraging through fridge, finds left over dip and some dry crackers. Score! Then wonders why she is avoiding writing when it is all she has wanted to do for DAYS now*

When Thursday had passed without me making the time to be thankful I was adamant that I would make up for it on Friday with a double whammy and know about being thankful. Perfect right?

Well if it weren't for it being the most busiest school holiday break I have ever encountered. I can not believe all the people and things we have managed to cram into one short week.

I know that the highlight of said week involves seven children, five buses and an adventure filled day all over town.

There was a time when I dreamed of seven children. It seemed like the perfect number. With seven children and two parents you had a family of nine. Which meant back yard games (think cricket, footy, soccer etc) could have four on each side and a ref to keep all teams playing fair. What better reason for a large family do you need?

I know that I am super thankful we have been able to have such a wonderful time in this short week. There has been special chocolate shop visits, a trip to the movies and a little shopping spree as well. All little things we don't normally do which naturally makes doing them all that much extra special.

I know that am blessed to know the people that I do. For far to many reasons than what I can share here. The love and support displayed below made me smile the whole day through.

I must confess that when I thought about this super brilliant idea of knowing what I was thankful for there was such more more that I wanted to say.

On the upside though, despite being days behind with my knowing and thanking I am a day early with my confessing!

If you know something you want to confess to or give thanks for join in, the buttons below will take you straight there!

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