September 27, 2013

Things I know about washing

As a regular reader you would know that the whole idea of this blog is to make parts of my life matter more. Or rather making the time to get on with the things that matter most.  I thought if I blogged about it then somehow it would matter and I would get it done. 

You see I realised that there were lots of little things that I would tend to let slide. On their own, it didn't matter so much but when they were all added together mattered quite a lot.

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Case in point. I thought that it didn't matter so much if I didn't wash every single day. Which to a certain extent it doesn't. However if I go two days without washing, or heaven forbid three, well all kinds of hell is going to break loose because by now chances are that the clothes everyone loves to wear the most are anything but clean and dry and ready to wear.

Now I know that on some levels it is all rather lame, saying that by blogging about I am more inclined to do it, but, when the same load of washing has gone through the machine for what seems like nearly a week without ever actually making it to the line something needs to be done. Lame or otherwise.

I know that the washing and folding of clothes is my most despised task as a housewife and mother.
I know that many of you will be suggesting I out source it to the eldest child.
I know that in theory it sounds lovely.
I know that in reality it probably wouldn't pan out so well. For a whole range of reasons. None of which need to be discussed here though.
I know that if I can just do a little bit every day it doesn't become overwhelming.
I know that since starting this post I have actually managed to get most of that elusive load actually on the line.
I know that the reason behind that was so that I could take a photo of some washing on the line.
I know that I quickly discovered this particular load of washing was not actually photo worthy. (Read as it was full of knickers)
I know I have three loads of folding patiently waiting on the couch. As it has done so all week long. By the end of the day it will probably have doubled.
I know that I have very little washing liquid left, which strangely excites me. 
I know I can't be expected to wash the clothes if I don't have liquid.
I know that last week when Tricia asked if we were washing our clothes too much? My heart was a resounding hell yes we do. 
I know that living in the tropics doesn't really allow for multiple wears of clothes due to the sweat factor.
I know that multiple washes of the same load is a terrible waste of resources.
I know that it will be the thought of that waste that will be my inspiration to stay on top of the blasted washing.

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  1. You certainly do know lots about washing !!!! I am not a huge fan of washing - having said that I can get by with washing every two to three days depending on how much we are exercising. I dare say that for the next two weeks I will probably only have about 2-3 loads each week so I could do them all on the weekend ! Sorry !!!!
    Have the best day !

  2. yep, folding laundry and putting it away here is THE WORST chore!! In saying that, I can't let anyone do it for me as I'm really particular about how things get folded! Have a great weekend! xo

  3. I hate cleaning floors and picking crap up off the floors! Washing isn't my worst chore, well maybe yes...folding it is time consuming considering I have to deliver it to several different rooms to where it all belongs. I had a mini heart attack during the week when I published a picture of my clothesline without properly checking and thought, oh no I hope my undies aren't front and centre!!