November 8, 2013

Happiness is being thankful and lots of bloggy linky love

I know that is not Thursday but I am still super thankful and really don't want to keep it in for another week so here I am. Aside from that confessions go live on a Monday so I have being late to the party well and truly under control. Well apart from the fact that the weekend is quite here yet but I am still ready to rewind if you will.

I had this brilliant idea last week to do the double up for thanks, only it never quite panned out. What with Halloween discos and a hundred odd gingerbreads waiting to be made I was a little under the pump. This was then followed by the emoest I have been in like forever. It was far from pretty.

Thankfully though that is all now behind me as I return to my normal happy self. Well as normal as I ever am.

When I saw Kirsty's prompt this week for I must confess was 5 things that make you happy I instantly wanted to sit down and start writing. After the emo week that was last week consciously thinking of happy things was just what I needed.

Apparently fifty loads of washing also needed to be seen to. As did the dishes and the floors and the...

Needless to say writing was the last thing I was actually going to do. I did momentarily think of just linking in this old post. Which isn't actually all that old but does sum up very nicely ways I can find happiness, as does this one. But since for me happiness and thankfulness seem to go hand in hand I wanted to see if I could come up with something new and tie them both together.

This week happiness was brought to me in the form of some beautiful thoughtful comments from fellow bloggers and readers. For that I am beyond thankful.

In fact a lot of my thanks and happiness revolves around the art of blogging and wonderful bloggers.

Blogging itself makes me happy, I am thankful to have found this medium and being able to be a part of the blogosphere. Every time someone reads a post, leaves a comment or shares something from the blog I am filled with both happiness and thanks.

So to all the lovely bloggers and readers who took the time to check on me and my happiness I say thank you.

Joining in with all these lovely ladies

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  1. I actually have to be very thankful for blogging also, it keeps me connected when I'm stuck at home with work and boys and GOING BATTY. I've had a few pity party days this week so I feel for you. Glad to hear you are crawling your way out of it. Have a happy weekend :)

    1. Oh Em, sorry to hear of the pity parties, hope you are feeling better now. Too bad we don't live closer together and then we really could make it a party

  2. This post made me happy! Thank You!. It is nice to connect with you and feel your positive vibes :). Hope you have a great weekend and a better week!