December 9, 2013

Clearing out the tumble weed

It may have been over a month since I last wrote here and who knows how long before that, but I assure you that I have thought about a lot. Quite a lot in fact and there are many who subscribe to the whole 'it is the thought that counts' philosophy so it must count for something mustn't it?


I started writing a Facebook status update for my A Parenting Life page only to get halfway through it and discover that there was much I wanted to say. Well actually I already knew there was a lot I wanted to say but I was trying to do the responsible thing and get some jobs out of the way first.

Generally I put blogging at the top of my list of things to do. Which is great because it means there is always something new and fresh for my dedicated readers to reader. However it is not so great for the real life aspect as it means every thing else has to wait until my awesomeness has been unleashed and published to the web at large. And sometime that takes much longer than expected.

In a bid to unleash more awesomeness in real life I thought I would try and move blogging a little further down the list. Turns out that didn't work out so well and here I am dinner preparation not done and a living area still waiting to be tidied. In my defence though I have done dishes and by that I mean ALL the dishes. Including those not suitable for the dishwasher. Yes that's right I put my hands in soapy water and did it the old fashioned way. Well some of them anyway.

So what was this status update come post that just couldn't wait a moment longer to be written?

Uhhmmm.... well....

This is just a tad embarrassing but between then and now (which has been some thirty minutes thanks to a certain little person and their inquiring mind) I have  kind of forgotten.

I mean I can recall the general gist of it. Something about every little thing feeling like a mammoth effort but complain I will not because not only am I blessed but there are people out there facing real problems and I should just suck my woes up and get on with it. I am just certain I had found a more eloquent way of putting it and there was much more I wanted to add.

Of course someone with half a brain would have copied their words of wisdom before leaving the page to transfer them somewhere else. Apparently I am not a half brainer.


So here I am, at the end of a post that has done anything but clear my thoughts or get out what I wanted to say.

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