April 30, 2012

All Alone

That is what I am right now.  And it is awesome.  Aside from the distant cars and chirping birds the only other sound is the tapping of my fingertips on the wonky key board.  Only I am not really completely alone as my ever constant companion Summer, the rainbow lorikeet is with me.

It is nearly Monday lunch time.  One I am eagerly anticipating.  It is rice with Moroccan  lamb and a few vegies.  I cooked it yesterday in a bid to start the week feeling organised.  Trying to make as much as I can matter.  It is all still so hit and miss.  As is much of my life.  Which like everything is both good and bad.

Those of you who are regulars at A Parenting Life have probably noticed a fair bit of poor bugger me over there and I do apologise for that.  Just one of those things I seem to go through when I can't actually think of anything else to write.  Fingers crossed though from here on in ideas will start to flow.

Here I am complaining that despite clearly being a somewhat talented writer I have not yet hit the big time (whatever that may be).  Yet I fail to mention that if I actually stop and think about the level of current readership I am experiencing is rather great considering the effort I put in.

You see for all my oh boo who why aren't I a famous writer yet? I do actually already know the answer.  I have never really and truly given it a go.  Sure I managed to, on one occasion, spit out a very rough bit of fiction, but that was years ago now and subsequent efforts have been way less successful.

Anyway that's enough of that for now.  Did I mention I was alone?  Peace and quiet surrounds and I just don't know what to do first.  There are so many things to chose from.  I have a heap of post ideas I want to jot down, plus I have decided to try writing actual To Do Lists with daily, weekly and monthly targets.

I need to grab hold of time and hold it with two hands

 For it is more than just precious

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