April 15, 2012

Getting Back in the Groove

Last week when I joined in Kate's Fitness Friday, I spoke of how I thought I had learnt the importance of making regular matter.  After the build up to Easter, birthday parties and putting children on a plane. exercising, which at the moment is running, had failed to place on the things that gone done list.  When I finally got round to it, it hurt.

Like really hurt.

Thankfully I had the good sense to push through and am now happy to say that my lost week has been recovered.  Sadly it was not replaced by fitter and faster but at least I am now feel at the level I was before I stupidly stopped making time to run.

You see when that happens it is not just my fitness levels that suffer.  Everything about everything seemed to make me feel crappy.  I felt like I was stuck in funk.  I was moody and grumpy and easily irritated.  The children drove me up the wall and I had the patience of lion with a sore paw.  The worst part was I didn't even know why.

One of the things I have discovered while running is that I really enjoy it.  Even though it is hard and takes a lot of effort, I still love it.  To the point that if I don't run I start to miss it.

The reason why I think I enjoy it is because it makes me feel so good about myself, and in so many different ways.
It makes me stronger and fitter, which then makes me feel like I am able to take on so much more.  
I feel a new confidence in my appearance .  For the first time in I don't know how long I actually looked at a photo of myself without cringing.
Not only that but I have also found one I like to look at.
Ok so maybe I cringe a little be at the winking eye...but only a little ;)
It is not just a confidence in my appearance that has grown either.  When I think about what I have achieved in these few short weeks I have the confidence to think I can take on a whole range of new challenges.  I know that it won't be long till I know I'll be able to successfully tackle the BootCamp App I got a while back.

I also love that it gets me out in the fresh air.  I love being out in the fresh air.  Feeling the wind on my face reminds me that I am alive.  Feeling the sweat drip down and sting my eyes reminds me that I am alive and living somewhere hot and sticky.  I like that.  It makes the running even tougher.  Which it turn makes me tougher for pushing through it and getting out there.

Only having said that today was a running day and I didn't run.  I slept in and then decided the afternoon was too hot!  Weak excuse I know.  Deep down though I think my body will be more thankful for the extra rest day this time round.  I will make up for it tomorrow though, I promise.  

Which sort of works out quite well because then my next running day will be Wednesday.  If I had of run today my next running day would have been Tuesday which just would not have worked as Miss Soon to be Eleven will actually be eleven.

With the return of school I would like to think we might be able to not need to rely on the car to get about all the time.  School is anywhere from 3.6 - 4.2km's away (depending on the route), which is roughly only a 35 min journey at my current fitness levels.  I haven't actually run that far yet, but that is not to say I haven't done the distance.  I just haven't run the entire way.  I am thinking of this option more in terms of bike riding on one of my non running days.  Ideally though one day I would love to run while they ride!

There is only one problem to all of this though.  Miss Nearly Six is still on training wheels.  Prior experience has taught me such distances are no good with training wheels.

While Miss Nearly Six has scooted such distances before I am not sure that doing this with her school bag is really such a great idea.  Especially on the way home.  School wears her out as it is.  Chucking the two little ones in the bike trailer is always an option I guess but that is a fair bit of weight for me to drag around (all the more workout I guess).

As soon as Miss Nearly Six can conquer the two wheeler (which is any day now I hope) she should be right to pedal her way which is my preferred option  Children are never to young to learn how great it feels to be fit.  It is all on bike paths and very safe.  There are a few large roads but they are generally not too much of an issue.  The girls know where to stop and wait if they are in the lead.  This way it provides a nice drinks break as well.

All in good time though.

Now I know once again it is not Friday any more but I am still going to be joining in Fitness Friday Blog Hop over at Kate Says Stuff, who just happens to be giving away some very cool Blackmores Packs.  All the more reason to check her out.

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  1. Good on you for making such an effort 9and that picture is really cute). I am running my first fun run and STILL have not consistently run and only once outside (usually i run on the treadmill) - i am the queen of the weak excuse for exercise as if i get out of the habit (like school holidays) it is so hard to get back in, You are doing really well though.