April 23, 2012

What Matters When You Are Sick?

Restlessly rolling in bed unable to get comfortable I can't even be bothered to change the channel on the television. It is really only on as a background noise so it doesn't really matter. I have never really been much of a TV fan at the best of times, day time reruns are certainly not even close to the best of times.

So what brings me to having both the time and opportunity to roll restlessly around on my bed well after 9am?

A blocked nose and a bit of a head cold. Possibly a bit of hay fever brought about by the change in season. I am not really too sure. I do know it is nothing too serious I just needed a day in bed.

Yesterday would have been better for a day of rest but since it was Miss Eleven's birthday I soldiered on. Today though it feels like I have been hit with a bad case of man flu.  Man Flu (which you are probably all ready aware of) is much worse than an ordinary flu that mums normally get.  Man Flu leaves renders you useless and restricts you to the confines of your bed where you can do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

It can also make you prone to endless complaining, whinging and whining about how terrible you feel.  Since I am on the verge of losing my voice though I will probably not get into that too much.  Plus I am not really sure anyone would really listen to me.

Mind you I am so thankful that Mr Awesome was able to come home for the day to take care of me I don't really feel like it would be fair for me to complain too much. You see it is not just myself who is feeling less than human. Miss Not Quite Six is also home from school and appears to be heading down a similar road to myself.  Only she has wisely opted for movie watching rather than leaving herself open to the perils of day time drama.  The baby also appears to have green stuff pouring out of her left nostril.

Anyway as I lay here, eyes burning from trying to stare at the tiny screen on my phone so I can at least whinge here and save what is left of my voice I can't help but think of all the things that are meant to matter to me during the week.

You know things like doing the umpteen loads of washing that are inevitably laying around and only growing bigger because they are being ignored for the day.  The leaning towers of dishes that will be multiplying around the kitchen sink.  The thousand other little jobs that need doing to keep a family home in tip top shape.

In order for me to lay here and rest I have to keep telling myself that none of that really matters.  Today is my only chance to rest and do absolutely nothing.  Tomorrow Mr Awesome won't be able to have the day off and take care of things.  In fact I was surprised he was able to do so today.  When I called him this morning to have a quick whine about how crap I was felling I nearly fell over when his first response was to offer to come home.  It warms my heart to know he knows what matters.

Of course in many ways it is in his best interest to let me rest now rather than struggle through for a few more days and then need even more rest later.  But what really matters is that he gave me the chance to rest now.

With all this resting time though my mind can't help but wander, which is what brought me here.  (After all what else does a blogger do when faced with a day in bed?)

If sickness was a part of our everyday life, what would matter then?  Sure all the jobs still need to be done but would they matter more or less than what they do now?  I had actually planned on some thought provoking post on what would matter if sickness was a part of our everyday life.  My addled Man Flu brain didn't quite come to the party though.  I am so eternally grateful though that to date it has not been a curve ball thrown at us.  I hope it never is and my heart goes out to the many who do juggle with it.

-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

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