April 24, 2012

Totally not making time to make anything matter

As you may have picked up in my last post, I have been unwell the last few days.  Not the keel over and die kind of sick, just the wish you could sit down and rest.  For a rather long time.  I must admit I did spend a whole day in bed, right at the onset of it all in a bid to ward it off.  Clearly I had little success in keeping it at bay but I am sure my self imposed bed rest did ease the severity of it all.
Oh and for the record that was probably the first time in over two years that I actually called in sick if you will.  The last time I can actually remember just lazing around in bed was when I was about 36 weeks pregnant with Miss T and fighting a kidney infection.  I think I actually spread that one out to nearly three days as the risk of early labour was apparently high.

Regardless of all that though, it has meant the last week has pretty much been a total failure in terms of making things matter.  In fact quite frankly the only thing that has mattered to me in the last seven days is the distance between me and a box of tissues.  The amount of snotty mucus that has exited my body has been nothing short of amazing.

Thankfully though I feel it is now safe to say that I am over the worst of it.  If anything I am actually at the best of it now.  You see the path of the last week has not been unfamiliar to me.  It is one that I have walked many a time and expect to see many more a time in years to come.

There weather here is changing.  The rain has all but gone and the next six months will be nothing but blue skies and sunshine.  Which is nice.  In it's on dry type of way.  Not quite as exciting as watching big black thunderous clouds roll on in each afternoon but great for getting outdoors and doing things.  Things that normally no one wants to do because it is so bloody hot.

Unfortunately though the first few weeks of this beautiful change leave me a bit sneezy and snotty.  Which in turn leaves me wishing I had share in a tissue company.  However after around day five my nose seems to adjust to the dry air.  At this point my voice disappears leaving me with a husky porn star style voice.  Which I love.

If it weren't so late I would possibly consider a bit of a vlog to give you a demo but I have been sitting here for way to long so I am sure I am more than a sight for sore eyes.  Plus nearly midnight when you have been unwell is not a great time to try something new and possibly complicated.

Now where was I?

Oh that's right trying to justify why I have been too busy to make things matter.

I am meant to be writing a fitness post to join in with Kate's Fitness Friday.  She has a bit of a cool give away going and one of the ways to win was by posting a few posts.  I have one more to get done and only a day or to to do it in.  Thankfully there is also a random draw chance so if the post never eventuates I still have a chance.  You can enter here if you want, or not, better odds for me if you don't but totally cool prize so I won't hold it against you if you do enter.

Since this didn't eventuate into the fitness post it was supposed to I did think that I would share some background info on today's post over at APL  I actually wrote it in February last year.  I was searching through my document folder earlier this evening when I stumbled across it.  I really can't get over how it feels like something that I could have pretty much written last week.  Really makes me wonder about my life and what I am doing.

Or not doing.

I will not beat myself up about what has been and done
Instead I will reflect and renew.  Each day that comes is a new beginning and brings with it new hope.  I shall embrace that hope and move towards a brighter future.  One where I make the best of all that I have.  Each moment will matter and each day will count.

Joining in with Diary of SAHM's


  1. I hope you are feeling better - and I am glad that you took the time to rest! Reflect and renew sounds like a pretty good motto also - it can be so easy to get stuck and down on ourselves xx

  2. It freaks me out that you can publish 2 posts a day - regardless of when they were written :o) Your life musn't be drull at all - actually is that 'droll'???

    Fairy Wishes and Butterfly Kisses xx


  3. I hope you're feeling better and I think you've been making YOU and your health matter. I think that's a good call x