August 31, 2012

Things I (don't) Know About People and Life

Blogging this week has taken a bit of a back seat. To what I am not exactly sure I just know that I have not been able to get much (anything) out. I even failed to get something up for IBOT which regular A Parenting Life readers will know does not happen very often.

A week that sees me also forgo Thankful Thursday is also a bit of a rarity. It was not because I am lacking in thanks either. More so a case of motivation I think. I am on the verge of being a little overwhelmed by how much I actually have to do. This is always a sure fire sign that motivation is about to walk our the door.

Next Friday we are meant to be on the road to Cairns. However it now appears that Miss Eleven may have a hockey grand final to play on the Saturday so we could be slightly delayed. The following Friday my baby sister is getting married. No wonder my head is spinning circles.

I can still remember the day she was born. It was on my seventh birthday and even now I can recall how amazed and incredibly blessed I felt. Sitting on the swing in the front garden after my party, waiting to go and meet her. All so surreal I was sure that I must have been dreaming. She was a dream come true and to this day the best present I have ever been given.

But alas I digress. I am meant to be sharing some things I know.

I know that judging people is not always advisable. Nor is thinking ill of them.

The grumpy sales assistant at Spotlight, the one I will wait to be served by someone else rather than him, turns out to be not so grumpy when not at work. The other week at the Kenny Rogers concert, when we had squashed into a tiny empty space next to his rather large, yet empty blanket, he actually offered us some of his spare blanket. I now know I was wrong to judge.

Way back at the start of June I wrote a letter. It was a release of rage that had built up over the frustrations I let another parent build in me. I thought ill of them and wondered why they were out to get me if you will. Recent weeks however have seen this same person go out of their way to be more than nice to me. Compliments and smiles whenever she can. I now know I shouldn't have assumed the worst.

I know that when I started writing this post I had much more to say than this. 

Or at least I thought I did. Though perhaps the fact that it is now way passed stupid o'clock and I should be tucked up in bed fast asleep has something to do with my inability to think straight.

So there you have it, turns out I am not overly knowledgeable today, but I do know that all the cool bloggers are sharing what they know here
And I also know that a Friday Flog is always a good idea


  1. am having one of those weeks too. will you still make it to cairns? is it far away?

  2. It's amazing the way we make assumptions about people based on a few interactions. Yesterday I was telling hubby about the lady serving me at the fish counter who I thought had been really rude. He said 'maybe she was just having a bad day? don't take it so personally'. I think it's human nature to see things through our own filters x

  3. Take every week as it comes, I get overwhelmed sometimes when there is so much on at once. September is a busy month for me too. So true about assumptions, i find myself doing it all the time, and then I remind myself that Karma is surely lurking over my shoulder!