August 21, 2012

Making Time to Look Pretty

The Surprise Beginning
On the whole I spend somewhere between little to no time on my appearance. Thankfully for me I pretty much live in hicksville so it doesn't really matter. As long as all the important bits are covered no one really cares what you are wearing. Thanks to the sweltering heat that is present for nearly ninety percent of the year there is also no expectation for make up either. Which is also great because my skills in that department leave a lot to be desired.

Mind you I haven't always been this way.

Well I have on the make up front but there was a time when I would give some thought to how I looked. Back in another life, before children, when I was fresh out of home and high school, I worked in the fashion industry. Well I worked in the only surf shop in a town that had no surf. It also happened to be the only place in the surfless town that you could purchase a whole range of exclusive labels.

Oh how I loved those days. Sure it might not have been high rolling fashion, but it did provide me with the largest wardrobe ever. Some days when the washing had eluded me, or rather I was out partying and neglected to get around to ensuring there were clean clothes for the next day, I would just go to work ten minutes early to allow myself enough time to get a new outfit.

Staff discount and a layby I was able to take home before I had paid it off are certainly some great perks that I sorely miss, even to this day. But I digress. This was not supposed to be a nostalgic walk down memory lane. This is supposed to be are rather awesome post telling you how really really ridiculously good looking I am.

It has been a month or more since I first came across this awesome meme. To start with I didn't think it would be something I could join in with because seriously who wants to look at photos of this week in and week out.
Since that is pretty much all I wear. Simple, comfortable and totally suitable for kid wrangling in warm weather.

Actually sometimes I spice it up with a singlet rather than the T-shirt and lately I have been seen at school of a morning in some running gear as I pretend that is what I am going to do upon completing drop off duties. Sadly my running has stalled a little in recent weeks, apparently just wearing the clothes is not enough. But again I am digressing.

Thankfully a few weeks after I discovered this link up I had a hen's night and a wedding to attend. A reason (or two) to actually get dressed up and dust off the lippy. All with the added bonus of getting to blog about it.

Since then however my social calendar that requires my 'special' or non everyday clothes as been somewhat blank. The few occasions I have gone to any extra effort I was wearing the same clothes as I first posted about...oh for my younger surf shop working days with endless choices.

Last week however something happened. Breaking from the traditional mundane that some weeks can be I spiced it up with a lunch date in the city with a friend. An adults only lunch date actually. Taking full advantage of this great blogging opportunity I thought I would dress myself up a bit.

Now I just need to work on my selfie photo taking skills!

This highly fashionable post joins in not just with The Surprise Beginning but since it has taken nearly all night to write and it is now the very early hours of Tuesday it gets to link up with Diary of a SAHM for her rather awesome meme


  1. I did head to toe surf brands once too - shudder!

    1. If I could afford to I probably would still dress that way but there is just no way I will pay those prices now

  2. Well done, you look lovely. I have to dress up a lot, mostly for work. I love fashion, but like you grew up influenced by the surf culture .... And I still shop at roxy!! I tend to buy my clothes when I travel, that way I always have a beautiful souvenir on to remind me of some gorgeous place faraway from my mundane day. However where I get points for my efforts to dress well, they fall down when it comes to my car. It's growing things, some nightmare ran into it and dented four panels and I haven't had a chance to get it fixed ... And it's filthy. But a mama only has so many hours in the day and I get by like any well dressed mama climbing out of a bomb ... I do it quickly :-)

    1. lol. I would love to still shop at Roxy and the like but these days the budget just doesn't stretch that far

  3. Looking good!!!
    It is so easy to get stuck in the comfortable rut.. im the biggest culprit of wearing my workout clothes all weekend!!

    1. Oh it is so so easy to get stuck in a rut, especially if the supermarkets, school and the park are the only places you go!

  4. I kinda love Darwin for its laid backness. I am a huge fan of wearing my sneakers every wear, because of my extreme clumsiness, and I like that no one cares!

  5. I have never been big in to fashion, I have uniform that consists mostly of jeans, runners and t-shirts, alternating with a nicer shirt if I have somewhere nicer than the grocery shopping to be! But since having Mia and basically not being able to wear much besides breast-feeding friendly tee's I've decided that it's now all about accessorising. Anything to make a boring old t-shirt look a little more razzamataz and to take the focus off the bags under my eyes from more than 9 months on minimal sleep! I love the necklace you're wearing in the collage, big fan! And don't worry about your selfie taking skills, I am useless at it, I really don't know how everyone manages to make them look so good!

  6. You look gorgeous! Cairns is totally the same with the laid back, that's why I have been trying to wear my nice clothes more, other wise they'll never get a look in ;P
    Selfie taking, make sure the light is in front of you and if you can't get get your whole outfit in the shot make a collage! Love that you linked up again! xox