August 3, 2012

Team Friday - Getting back into it

It's been a while since I have made the time to share how I have been making exercise matter.  While I have not been neglecting my exercise as much as I have been my blogging about it, I still haven't been reaching the goals that I had hoped for.

When I started running back in February the plan was to be able to run for thirty minutes.  Which also is meant to equate to 5km.  At this point in time I can run just about for thirty minutes.  By that I mean run for ten to fifteen minutes walk for 30 seconds to sometimes a minute and do it all again.  Actually I can run for four ten minute blocks with no more than a minute between runs.  

I can also run for 5km.  Actually I can run for up to 7km.  What I can not do though is get that 5km out in thirty minutes.  Luckily though I don't beat myself up about it, well not too much anyway.

When I completed the C25K program a few months ago I decided that the next logical step was to try the Bridge to 10K program.  Even though I can't get 5km out in 30 minutes I wanted to run for longer.  Sadly I am still on week one of that program.  Turns out I didn't have as much in me after 5km as what I thought I did.  

Despite the 10km feeling a little out of my league I have not given up.

The school holidays made it a little trickier than I would have liked to maintain my three times a week runs.  Though really I am just making weak excuses.  I did manage to get a few in here and there and had I really wanted to I am sure I could have gotten a few more in.  It was just easier to say having the kids around made it harder.

Not going three times a week really made it harder for the times I did get out there.  To save my morale from completely diminishing I decided to head back to the C25K and do runs that I already knew I could.  Best. Idea. Ever.

You see going back to runs that I once struggled with, that I now almost breezed through felt amazing.  I felt stronger and more empowered than ever before.  Running through stages that I had previously had to walk through let me see just how far I have actually come.

For two weeks I retraced my C25K steps.  Yesterday I redid a week one run from Bridge to 10km.  It was harder than the C25K but no where near as hard as when I first started.  In fact at the end of it, despite being a little disappointed with my distance, I was over the moon with the amount of time I was actually running.

From here I plan to keep on going with the 10km program.  Finding nearly an hour to run rather than thirty minutes is a little trickier than I expected but oh so worth it.  All the running events for this area are all over for the year but I am certainly looking forward to being able to enter some next year.

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  1. stick with it. I have yet to reach that 5k in 30 minute goal too. I think my best is 35 minutes. I had just got to the point where I could run 5k without walking, though granted it wasn't fast, and then I had surgery, so it will take me a while to get back up there I think. Just have to keep doing it. I also started going to personal training once a week and found that (eventually) helped me to get a bit quicker because I was overall stronger. Any kind of running is good running!

  2. Well done on being able to run 5k even if there is a teeny break in between. That is a massive achievement and I'm so glad to read that you went back to the 5k program and realised how awesome your achievement is. When I was at my fitness peak, I still could not run solidly for a whole 30mins. I would do 5k in around the 30min mark but that is with several breaks for walking. Am starting to get back into the running. Boy oh boy, I wonder just how far back I have set myself after over a year off :(

    Thanks ever so much for linking up with TEAM Friday! Would love to hear of your continuing progress, Stacey-Lee :D

  3. I have only just heard about this running program in the past two weeks. I am intrigued. It could be what I need. Good for you for even achieving what you have.

  4. Good on you and keep up the great work! I try to run at least twice a week. 5kms in 30 mins can be tough. At the moment, I'm focusing more on trying to cover more distance than time. I did 11kms the other day - almost killed me!

  5. Best of luck with your running goals! I'm such a bad runner... Happy Team Friday!

  6. Well done on your running - starting slower and building up the length of time you run and the distance is a great way to go. I started off doing the Mothers Day Classic 4km race and then did the 10km Gold Coast run - it was great. Since then I haven't run but will be back into it towards the end of August when we get back from holiday.
    Keep up the great job that you are doing !
    Popping over from Team Friday - have a great weekend.

  7. Well done on the running! I admire anyone who can run (and enjoy it). Me, not so much.