September 21, 2013

Procrastination at it's best

Despite having already written one post today I am here still trying to spit another one out. Or so to speak. I'm good like that when there are things I *should* be doing. I mean of course there are always things like Mount Washandfoldme or the dishes or whatever, that I *should* but today my procrastination is avoiding more than just that usual.

In my wisdom, and desire to push myself as a writer I have entered into a flash fiction writing competition. Which essentially just means I paid someone $39 to give me 3 prompts to write a piece of flash fiction in forty eight hours or less. Twice. I mean I get to do the writing bit twice, I didn't pay twice.

Easy as really!

The first round of the NYC Midnight Challenge kicked off about eight hours ago. That means I have less than forty hours left to write less than a thousand words of awesomeness. Despite not having really started yet I am quietly confident. Good omens have abound.

To start with I was put in group number 23. Which just happens to be my birthdate. While romance may not be my favourite genre it is far better than science fiction or mystery or a heap of others that I really don't think I can write well.

Being the organised on top of it chick that I'm not, I had actually forgotten that the challenge started today. Just by chance my mother offered to have the girls for the night. I read the email with my prompts just after I dropped the girls off. To think I didn't by a lottery ticket when I was at the shops this morning.


The weather is starting to well and truly turn now. The stickiness has begun, yet so far to go before there is actually rain amongst the sky. I don't really like this time of year. The waiting for rain is worse than waiting for Godot. There is rarely relief in sight. I much prefer it when rain is much more assured.

A romance, in an apple orchard, with a fake moustache. Almost sounds like a cliché.

Is rolling around under the shade of apple trees romantic. Heightened only when the fake moustache of the mystery lover falls off in the passion of the moment. Revealing....well that would be spoiling.

No, I have no idea how I will tackle this all. Ironically I am taking to pen and paper to work it all out. To understand the irony I guess you need to read that post I mentioned earlier. So I guess with that in mind I should be off.

There were things I thought I wanted to share. Stories that were not mine, but broke my heart none the less. Bad news and worry that was not needed, not for me as such, just those I care for. But since they are not mine to even discreetly mention in any way there is nothing I will say.


I have far to many tabs open. Things I want to read, or make comment. Things that have in some way provoked a thought or two. A possible blog post or even feature pitch if I was so inclined. Things like this.

The contraceptive pill has always concerned me. It just doesn't seem right to mess with nature like that. As much as I find menstruation a discomfort I would rather not endure it is not something that should just be dismissed with chemical alterations either. Everything, even our bodily functions, happens for a reason.

And then there is this about the mother who sold her daughter's One Direction concert tickets because she and her friends were caught lying. There is a part of me that wants to post it to Lovely's Facebook wall. I am sure it wouldn't to hurt her to know that I am not actually the worst mother in the world. Regardless of what she may think.

Please don't think I am inferring that this woman in question in this article is the world's worst mother, because that is far from my point. The complete opposite in fact. In my eyes I think this woman is a champ. I don't necessarily agree with the way some of her quotes were worded but her intentions were most definitely in the right place. Her children however, much like mine, may not appreciate her efforts.

Anyway time is quickly slipping away from me and there are some notes that need to be made before I head to bed.

Any plot ideas for me?

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  1. Sadly, I don't know any romantic person with an orchard and a false moustache! No help from me, but I thought you may like a bit of support! Hope the muse sends you a dream to help you write your story.

  2. When it comes to ideas about writing, I'm definitely not the best person to speak to !!!! I am very light on ideas - sorry !!!
    I hope inspiration hits soon !
    Have the best day you can.

    1. Thanks Linda, hope you have a great day as well

  3. LOL I know plenty of people with orchards and moustaches, but they are usually over the age of 70, with thick Italian accents and all they want to give you at dusk is a box of Navel Oranges (Bless them !).
    Maybe you need to start with the simple act of peeling an sun warmed orange, tough rippled skin on the outside, sweet and juicy, warm trickles dribbling over your fingers and tickling down to your elbow.... hmmmm and then see where that takes you xx

    1. I like your thinking Lisa only it has to be an apple orchard. Seriously how is a crunchy apply romantic. Eating apples has rarely ended well, think of Snow White