September 15, 2013

Things I Know About Not Going to #PBEvent and Other Random Stuff

TIK at A Parenting Life
As some four hundred bloggers descended upon the Gold Coast this week for Friday's start of the highly anticipated ProBlogger Conference, I was at home quietly tapping on my keyboard, or washing dishes or hanging out the clothes. Or perhaps even sitting in the corner of the room rocking while having a little sob. It all just depends on the time of day.

I should point out though that I think the rocking and crying is more to do with being incredibly pre menstrual more than not actually attending the conference. Though I am pretty gutted about that as well. Of course I will now spend the next three to five days hoping that the tears were premenstrual rather than pregnancy hormones kicking in because that is the joy of not wanting to use contraception and not wanting ever have another baby.

I know that was probably definitely far too much information. Sorry. I'll blame the hormones.
I know that if you are trying to conceive those comments may have been the last thing you wanted to read about. For that I am also sorry.

After moving mountains to attend the Digital Parents Conference in March I knew that attending the Pro Blogger event was never going to happen. A few weeks ago though I thought that the universe had other ideas and for nearly a week I held onto the slimmest of slim chances thinking I might make it.

Sadly by the end of the week there was a rather large part of me that just seemed to know that I wasn't going to make it. Stupidly there was a tiny part that wouldn't let go of the hope though.

When we got word of Mr A's Grandma passing, all parts of me knew  and accepted that the conference was never going to be a part of the reality I lived in. Strangely I seemed quite ok with that.

Now with the conference done and dusted and Grandma's celebration of life service tomorrow I can comfortable say that I know not going was the best idea ever. Particularly since Mr ProBlogger had the amazing insight to include recordings of all the sessions in the form of virtual tickets.

I know that is THE best idea EVER!
I know that I came close to actually purchasing a virtual ticket but wondered if my tight ass could really justify the cost.
I know thaw I am really looking forward to sitting down and listening to a heap of sessions and learning how to make my blogging better.
I know that the thought of learning anything really excites me.
I know I wish I could encourage such learning excitement in Lovely.
I know twelve year old girls are a creature all of their own.
I know I try to remember what it was like to be a twelve year old girl.
I know that is not easy. The remembering or the being a twelve year old girl.
I know that so much time has elapsed since the start and end of this post that I know actually have my period. Again possibly probably too much information, but I didn't want to leave anyone hanging

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  1. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Beautiful term the celebration of life. Love to hear how you find the virtual sessions Rhi.x

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Mr A's grandmother. Sending heaps of love and hugs your way !
    I hope you have a fantastic week !

  3. Sorry to hear, Rhianna. And sorry you missed Problogger, but I'm glad you made that decision and that you feel it was the right one. Hugs. (And fairy wishes and butterfly kisses!) x