September 3, 2013

Trying to get it altogether

So today I had planned to have an early morning post scheduled. It was all part of the new improved and organised me. Instead it is fast approaching dinner time and the day has somehow slipped away before I had a chance to do most of the things I had planned to do. Not exactly anything new there though. Some days my life is nothing more than a kerfuffle of mislaid plans. Other days it is filled with oxymorons and contradictions.

Today is both of those days.

You see I did get an early morning post scheduled, it just wasn't on this blog. It was here. The plan was to actually have two early morning post scheduled because I love to over extend myself. It is something I constantly do well. Over extend myself that is. As is making contradicting statements.

Yesterday I was blathering on about writing here again so as not to put off APL readers who were after something with a bit more substance than humdrum of me trying to bring some order into my life. Yet here I am today joining in all the fun and games of #IBOT over at Essentially Jess.

There will undoubtedly be plenty of gems discovered on this journey within, but there is bound to be plenty of tripe in between as well. There always is. Just sometimes it is hard to tell which is what and where. It is all part of the fun and games of life I guess.

The vision I have, is naturally one of grandeur. Though the exact details of it all are still so unknown. I have had a few glimmers of ideas and where to go.

It involves daily posts, highly detailed exercise diary keeping, positivity and moving forward in the best possible way. Plus a whole lot more, that will only be discovered with time.  But now I am just starting to ramble.

Creating some accountability

Is what I am trying to do. 

I am hesitant to go and run around setting goals because my inevitable failure will probably cause more damage and good. At the same time though I know that I need to have some sort of bench mark and record of where I sit on the bench so as to know that my efforts are not in vain.

Sitting here typing this all out and I am washed over by a resounding feeling of deja vu...

On Saturday I started a crunch and plank challenge. I had planned to add a few squats in as well but sadly that so far as not eventuated. Nor has the running. Or the little table I wanted to create to record all these numbers and stats of what I have (or haven't) done. Something I had hoped to help me push through the desire to sit around and do nothing.

The strangest thing about the desire to do nothing is that when something is done it is always enjoyed. Well most of the time, you know what I mean.

Before I continue on too much with all that I haven't so far done I should point out that there has been bike riding and walking with the family all in tow. Which in some ways is better than me just running alone. 

Remembering to keep a clear perspective on it all, 

is quite possibly the key

It sounds so easy when put in black and white. With purple as the case may be. The practise however... again only time will tell.

For now though there is dinner to made so children can be fed.


  1. Well go you, you got the bike riding done... was that the one to Maccas for shakes? xx Keep going, Rhi! xx #teamIBOT

  2. Hallo, there! I didn't know you had two blogs going as well - aren't we just the ultimate busy bees?? Good on you for having exercise goals at all - you're a step ahead of me already :) One day at a time. I keep looking at my life and rescheduling it all out, because I often feel just a little panicked at having so many commitments and no breathing time. We really don't do ourselves any favours, do we! Wishing you well :)

  3. Oh snap, I am also needing to work on creating some goals with exercise again. And possibly housework. I always seem to be so behind on that at the moment