July 23, 2012

Did you know I am really really ridiculously good looking?

The Surprise BeginningNo?  You didn't know that I was really really ridiculously good looking?  Well I am.  Or at least I was a couple of times over the past few days.  Which means I am in a position to join in with the lovely Lauren over at The Surprise Beginning.

Being one of the blogs that is at the top of my reading list I felt terrible when I saw her groovy button and had no idea what it was for.  How could I have missed one of my fav bloggers and a linky that she hosted?  Granted Monday's are not really one of my blog reading days, but still I thought I was a regular reader.

Anyway today I made the time to check out how I too could become a part of Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Monday.  Much to my super excitement it turns out that it is super easy to join in.  If of course you did something a bit exciting and got dressed up and happen to look really really ridiculously good looking.

Which would you believe I happened to have done twice in the last few days!  yes yes I know that most people probably take/make the time to prettify themselves at least once a week but if you haven't worked it out by now I am not like most people.

Now where was I?

Oh that's right I was about to share with you how pretty I looked.  Though I should warn you it is not often that I even have my photo taken let alone share said photo with anyone else.

 So here I am in my lovely new orange shirt and accompanied by an equally new and lovely necklace.  I went all out and even got matching earrings which you can just see if you look really, really hard.

My sister's beautiful best friend (since like forever) got married this weekend and since they have been such best friends for such a long time I got to be a part of it all.

This was me already to party at the hens night.

As it turned out partying like the old days wasn't exactly what happened.  Instead I was left feeling rather over dressed and a lot older than what I actually am.

It was sort of nice wearing make up.

Though it did reinforce to me why I don't normally bother.  A mixed combination of lack of skill and time.  Which I am sure would both be fixed with a bit of practice but living in the tropics just doesn't seem to suit a made up face.

Fast forward a few days and it is time for the big day.  Thankfully I was able to reuse the rather expensive dress I purchased a few years back to wear for my brother's wedding. It is always nice to get a second wear out of things.

I think it is safe to say that self portraits for me do not necessarily provide the best of angles.  Something for me to work on in my free time I guess.

Due to the house cleaning taking longer than expected my preparation time was greatly shorter than I intended.  In fact it was so short that I was actually doing my hair in the taxi on the way to the ceremony.  Lucky for me I work well under pressure and am not what you would call high maintenance.

I didn't do as well with the make up this time round.  Mainly due to the lack of time but also due to the fact that at the hen's night I noticed how other people wore make up.  This sort of highlighted my own skills if you will.

Now I am pretty sure that the whole idea of this really, really ridiculously good looking meme is to release and share our feminine beauty.  You know be all positive about ourselves and all that.

I know on the surface it may sound as if I am being a little negative.  I assure you I am not.  It is mostly tongue in cheek.  Truth be told I did feel really, really ridiculously good looking.

How could I not with bling like that under my seemingly large bosom?

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  1. Oh my goodness! I totally forgot to link up yesterday! I MUST remember to do it next week.

    You look lovely. That colour (in both pictures)suits you!

  2. LOVING the orange - you look fab!!


  3. That is some very nice bling under your bosom!
    I love it when you find a second occasion to wear rather expensive clothing items. Well done. And yes, you look gorgeous!

  4. I love it. You are really really ridiculously good looking. Rachel xx

  5. hehehe very ridiculously good looking :)

  6. Oh I can so relate! though not about the ridiculously good looking part...I just dont see the point most of the time and then shock hubby when I do actaully make the effort. Thank you for sharing what goes on in my brain and for your lovely comment on my sugarbird blog. I will keep you posted about the things when I actaully get them finished :)t

  7. You DO look really, really ridiculously good-looking! Glad you got out and had a great time! I'm with you about the bothering thing though. My husband saw me putting on make-up in the bathroom the other day and said "you don't usually put on make-up do you?". I wear it most days to work, and to church on a Sunday. Obviously he can't really tell the difference! Oh well.

  8. Oh I'm no makeup queen myself, but I o like about of lippy and eye liner!

    You look absolutely beautiful, and points or bothering to clean the house first!

  9. Woo hoo! It is so nice to get dressed up and pampered sometimes isn't it. To let your true fabulousness (so a word!) shine xxxx

  10. Such a nice way to start your Monday this blog hop!

    The way to take selfies is to hold your camera arms length above your head. Makes my chinnage look considerably minimized. Excellent post on this at Styling You!

    I'm impressed with your hair doing in the car, and the house cleaning too! :)

  11. wooohoo hot mama! I love to get dressed up every once in a while, You look gorgeous x

  12. I don't often get an opportunity to get dressed up, but there's nothing like a little bit of make up to make you feel a bit spesh!

  13. Yep you look foxy! The bling - quite awesome! Quite awesome indeed! Thanks so much for linking up with, you're gorgeous!