July 20, 2012

I am going to #LMS

I know it should be #LYSF (Lose Your S**T Friday) but as Delightful Tacky Lil Squirts would say

So if I wanna put #LMS (Lose MY S**T) as my post's title then by golly I will and don't dare anyone say anything about it!!!

Now as a rule I am all airy fairy and lets make love not war, peace to one and all and all that jazz.  I  don't see the point in holding on to negatives.  Sure there are times when things don't go the way you hoped but anger is not the way to deal with.  I guess I like to think I am a rather rational and level head person.  

Someone in control of their emotions.  Well at least most of the time.  There are instances when I may yell and scream but generally speaking they are not times I choose to share here.  Today I am not generally speaking.  Please be warned if you continue further into the post I can guarantee you that you will encounter an f bomb on at least one occasion, possibly more.  If this will offend you in any way please stop reading.  Consider yourself warned

Today I am fucked off in a rather major way.  And really, I shouldn't be.  But I am.  And that just makes it all a thousand times worse.

#FFS I say to it all.

Why? Why, must I drive around the god dam car park five times looking for a park near the entrance to the only shop I actually *need* to go to at the major shopping centre in town.  The shopping center that I would actually prefer to avoid like the plague yet have been there twice in the past two days.  

Neither of which were a pleasure as such.  On the second trip I was able to score a few bargains which may have made it an enjoyable outing had it not for the bad mood I ensued thanks to Miss Eleven's inability to act upon simple requests.

Why? Why must there be a newly erected fence preventing me from taking a short cut to somewhere I really needed wanted to go?  Making me think I would never be able to find the perfect top I needed to wear out.

What's that?  Did I say I was going out somewhere???  Surely not?  How could I be losing my shit over the opportunity to have a night out child free and in a totally adult environment?


Coming home to a child who has spent the day being a total pain in the arse as only a pre-pubescent eleven year can be is a sure fire way to lose your shit and want to scream #FFS!!!

Given that the same child has refused to listen to a single request from you for what seems the whole week long it can be particularly trying dealing with their ever swing moods.  Somebody give me a gun cause I still get to go through this two more times.

Oh and that night out I spoke of.  

Well I got way over dressed and felt a lot older than what I am.  I felt humiliated by the fact that Miss Pain in the Arse I spoke of earlier can apply make up better than I.  Yet my stupid foolish pride could not let her do mine because she had been such a little shit earlier in the day.  So I went out looking like a clown due to my lack of make up skills, while she flitted around at home giving her sisters a hard time while wearing a 'perfect face'.

Then to top it off, I was not able to wear my lovely new shoes because the little boat we were going on was exactly that.  Little.  Well it wasn't that little I guess, apparently 10 x 6 meters, but still a lot smaller than I thought and in no way suitable for my lovely heels and champers while out on the open water.  

This is perhaps more what I was expecting hoping we were going on

This post is joining up with Lose Your Shit Friday over with the very very lovely Miss Cinders at Saturday Morning Orge Mum.  Part of getting your grump on with her is that you have to come up with five awesome things as well.

  1. I really like the new stuff I got to look pretty in.  Especially since some of it came from a voucher meaning I saved money.
  2. I had a lovely time on the boat, despite it being no where near as large as the one pictured.
  3. I landed a few little editing jobs which gave me just enough to buy the shoes I just had to have
  4. On Sunday I get to go to a beautiful wedding.
  5. Not only did the MIL come and look after the kids so I could go out before Mr Awesome got home from work but she came with dinner as well.

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