July 2, 2012

Make it Matter Monday

As always Monday feels like it is creeping up way to fast.  Arriving much earlier than expected and leaving me questioning where the weekend actually went.  This Monday is week two of four of the holidays.  Yep up north we get a full four week break and it is beyond awesome.  Of course come September when there is only a week between terms it is a slightly different story.

On the whole I have been doing ok with making time to stay afloat of the perils of housekeeping.  That is not to say that the house has been sparkling clean, just that I have been making more of an effort than days gone by.  Mind you it is a little disheartening to see that perhaps a little more is still needed.  I am sure I will get there eventually.

Just quietly though I quite like the concept of disposable clothes, crockery and cutlery.  With environmental benefits of course.  It would be a mother's dream come true.  Could you imagine if they found a way to eliminate the need for washing clothes and dishes...

While the writing has been a little lack luster here, I have done some more than awesome posts over at A Parenting Life.  I was fortunate enough to have been asked if I was interested in chatting with two mother's of Olympic champions.  Which naturally I was.  Who wouldn't be?

Last week I shared my time with Karen Seebohm, mother to Emily, one of our amazing athletes of to vie for gold in London in a few short weeks.  Tomorrow I reveals what it was like catching up with none other than Pam Sullivan.  Yep the mother of the rather dashing Eamon.

Pam shared some of the ups and downs of having a son that is one of the countries most eligible bachelors.  Pam also shared a couple of cute baby shots to accompany the post, which goes live tomorrow.

Being given the chance to share these stories has made me feel like a bit of a real writer (despite that possibly being one of the worst sentences ever to have been written).  I feel inspired to try just a little harder to see what happens.  Deep deep down I know I have to work a lot harder to make it happen, and I know that eventually I will but I just wish I knew how to go about it a little more.

I guess for now the key is
The other area that I have loosely managed to keep making matter is running or rather being active.  I am getting out at least twice a week for thirty minutes or more.  I am also trying to slot smaller bursts in when ever I can.  I haven't been as much as I would have liked to in the last week or so but school holidays do make it tricky.   I am justifying it all by looking at my overall levels of activity not just intense exercise sessions, if that makes any sense.

I know that I have come to far with this fitness thing to let it go now.  There is still so much to do before I really am as fit as I would like to be.  I want the girls to be saved this midlife realization that I am having regarding health.  I want them to always be making the best healthy choices and lead an active life.

Trying to think of specific goals is a bit of a struggle for me.  In some ways I do feel that I am struggling to stay afloat at the moment and I am hesitant to add more.  At the same time though I must remember that I need to push myself as well.  The tricky balances in life hey?

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