July 16, 2012

Making it Matter Monday

Yes that's right folks Monday has somehow managed to sneak up on us again. Rearing it's ugly head well before I was ready to say goodbye to the weekend.  It is no wonder we as a society struggle with the whole work/life balance is it?  I mean with only two out of seven days put aside for weekend frivolity and the remaining five assigned to work there is really a lot of hope for evening things out is there?

Today also happens to mark the start of the last week of the school holidays.  Which is not exactly cause for celebration.  I love having the kids around.  Or rather perhaps it is more I despise the morning rush that comes with trying to get to school on time.  To say it is something this house struggles with is an understatement at best.

Even though the holidays last for four weeks it is still not enough.  We have not done nearly half the things I thought we would, of course this was not helped by the vomit bug that hit the other week.  Mind you that wasn't without some blessings as it gave Mr Awesome three days off work to help care for everyone.  Yes that's right the kids were so sick that I needed help in caring for them.  I needed someone to do the day shift while I caught up on sleep missed at night.

Moving right along now though.

I had planned that this break would be all about strengthening the family's bond as a team.  A week before the holidays began I had visions of grandure where jobs would be evenly distributed between everyone and all would do their share without complaint or grumble.  There would be plenty of sharing caring moments where the girls thought of each other and helped out when they could.  You know the kind of stuff that the Brady bunch would be proud of.

Naturally none of that happened.

There were moments where I ceased to be the slave for one and all and I was blessed with assistance here and there.  There were also melt your heart moments where the girls did something beautiful for each other.  Like Miss 2 who wouldn't take a drink or bite of food without making sure she had some to share with Miss 6.  Miss 11 also did a rather fine job at times of keeping everyone nice and quiet allowing for a sleep in here and there.

One thing that really needs to matter this week is the house.  Mr Awesome and I have been invited to a wedding on the Sunday.   One that the kidlets are not invited to.  Which means I need to have someone come in and look after them.  Which means in order for that person to feel comfortable I need to ensure the house is in order.

At this particular point in time it is not too bad.  Mount Washmore is not quite at epic heights and the leaning towers of dishes are under control so that is a good start.  We did a bit of furniture reorganising yesterday so there is a lovely new feel to the place which will hopeful translate into easier maintenance. Feel free to wish me luck on this one though as I really can't begin to explain how much I struggle with the mundane chores that others seem to breeze through.

For now though I must be off.  There are egg and lettuce sandwiches waiting to be made.  We are off to the wildlife park for a bit of a wander and a picnic, after all this is the last week of the holidays!  Not only that but if we are out the house it is harder to make a mess in it.

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