July 23, 2012

Make IT Matter Monday

It is really hard for me not to start this post with, OMFG, is it really already Monday again?  It just always feels like Monday pops around to quickly.  Unlike Friday which seems to take forever to get here.

This Monday is also the last day of the school holidays which means there is even less reason than normal to get excited (or not) about Monday.  While there is a little part of me that is sort of looking forward to the return of school there are many more larger parts of me that wonder if the whole school thing is really worth the while.  If it weren't for the fact the resumption of school allows for more running, writing and me time then I would be just fine for there to be no school.

But I digress.  This is not supposed to be a post about my lack of confidence and faith in the education system.  I am saving that one for a rainy day and I bet you can hardly wait.  What this post is supposed to be about though is what will matter to me over the next week.

Given that I am not an overly organised person I don't have any idea what that may or may not be.  Well that was the case until I read this slightly awesome post over at Diary of a SAHM.

For those to lazy to click the link and read the post for yourself it puts out a bit of a challenge.  One that just so happens to fit in with making it matter.

There is an idea that there are five languages of love.  Meaning that love, like any language has different ways of being communicated,  Most people tend to prefer to use one or two of these languages.  The challenge that Jess is putting out there is to choose which ever language is the hardest for you to communicate and make an effort to communicate to your family in that language.  Total brilliance or what?

The five languages of love are

  • Physical Touch
  • Encouraging Words
  • Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Quality Time
For more information on the languages of love check out this wonderful series on the topic over at Life on a Hill.

I can't decide between focusing on Encouraging Words or Quality Time.  Both are areas that I think I struggle with the most.  Especially with my big girl.  It always seems harder with the older ones.  Not that it means they are loved any less just that encouraging words are easier to come by when there are always so many new and exciting things that the little ones do.

So that's what will matter here this week.  Giving encouraging words to all the girls, especially the biggest.  

What is going to matter this week at your house?
Are you going to take up the challenge?

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  1. Why is it harder with the older ones? I just don't get it!

    So glad you like the idea. I have already hugged Taylah today for no reason so yay me! One down, three to go....