May 11, 2012

Cutting it fine

At 11.37pm I am cutting it fine for today's post.  As always there could be lots of excuses.  Stuff like Miss I Don't Like Sleep, putting up a fight when it was finally time to go to bed.  I say finally because we sat up very late chatting and looking at stuff on her iPod.  It was just such a lovely time.

The problem was we had spent the night at a friends house so by the time we got up to bed it was already rather late and way past bed time.  Still what's sleep when you can have a wonderful time laughing and having fun?

Today's plans were meant to be

  • bake a few muffins
  • sell some more stuff
  • come home and have a sleep
I did bake a few muffins.  Twenty in fact. Raspberry.  The first dozen were cooked perfectly.  The others I think were a little too brown at the base.  Thankfully they were only being sold for $1.50.

Thanks to getting up not very long after 5.30 I was at the school with plenty of time to set up what few remaining gifts.  I must say it felt rather nice knowing that someone else was taking care of all the food preparation and set up.  Previous years have seen me try and struggle relatively alone.  Mind you I can't help but wonder at times if this is because of the way I come across to people at times.  I am pretty sure it is a post all of it's own though.

Sadly the one thing on my list that I didn't do was come home and have a sleep.  I did come home however managed to successfully elude sleep.  Not from want of trying mind you.  Neither of the two younger girls transported very well from the car while asleep and as such I was left unable to catch some much wanted z's.  Can't win them all I guess.

Given that tomorrow is Saturday and that I only have less than three minutes to hit publish else it will be timestamped Saturday rather than Friday I must bid you all goodnight xx

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