May 8, 2012


Yesterday I briefly touched on my recent realisation of the importance of creating some sort of accountability for my actions.  Mr Awesome, as the name suggests, is awesome and never ever complains, or even comments for that matter, on the state of affairs regarding the house.

Even when the leaning tower of dishes grows rather than disappears by the time he gets home from a long hard day at work, he never utters a word.  He doesn't even roll his eyes or let out a little sigh.  Which is pretty awesome.  Of course it does nothing to encourage me to get off my lazy butt and do anything either but you can't win them all.

This week is a busy one for me.  Always is this time of year.  Unlike most mothers who look forward to a day of relaxation and pampering that is meant to come with Mother's Day, I have a somewhat panic stricken fear in the week leading up to it.  Ok maybe not fear but I certainly exceed my normal levels of stress in this lead up week to the big day.  In fact as I sit here now the mere thought of getting through this week sends me into a sort of convulsion.

What bring this all about I hear you ask.  The short answer is myself.  The long answer involves the school, gift stalls and my misguided notion that I am in fact crafty.  For the last few years I have helped the school hold a mother's day stall.  Another kind mother would make a heap of things and I would sell them the week before mother's day.

Only this year the other mother has left the school.  My stupid phobic self left it too late to see if there were any other crafters who may have been interested in helping out.  Thankfully we have some incredibly generous families that have previously donated so much we already had some stock on hand but I was still left with the task of organising some cheap and cheerful gifts.

Which naturally I have left until the last minute.  But I digress.

As I was saying, I need to introduce more accountability into my day.  Even if it is only myself that I am answering to.  I need to remember that the little things do make a difference to the overall picture.

For example on the weekend Miss Eleven had a friend sleep over.  In the morning they wanted to make pancakes.  Which was a wonderful idea.  Except for the fact the leaning tower of dishes was on it's way to world record heights.  I couldn't even see how many days back it went.

I precariously waded through and managed to clean the bowl and utensils needed.  While the girls began to make the batter I trudged through the dishes for the plates and cups needed.  Naturally the frying pan was also in need of a wash.  All the while I kept thinking it shouldn't be this way.

Back to being accountable for my time though.  Which let me tell you I am not normally.  At all.  Let's just say that I am somewhat of time waster.  Procrastination doesn't even begin to explain the way I put things off.  Slowly though I am sure I can change.

In an effort to do that I have decided that I need some daily lists which hopefully I will be able to gleefully tick off knowing that my is well accounted for.

Here is what today's looks like

Buy items necessary for gift stall gifts
Make items, ready for stall (tomorrow, I did say it was all a bit last minute)
Write two awesome blog posts (this one and one at APL)
Read a heap of awesome #IBOT posts
Clean kitchen
Fold washing
Fold more washing
Cook dinner and clean kitchen again

Of course I didn't mention all the other stuff like, school drop offs and pick ups, shopping for dinner, child negotiations, sibling mediation, facebook chatting and twitter stalking.

So on that note I better get to it.  Given half the day is already over and I would not necessarily say that I over halfway through that list.  Make sure you pop back tomorrow to see how I went and what's in store

As you know today is Tuesday, which means #IBOT baby!
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  1. Oh good luck!! Hubby rolls his eyes and makes a point of doing the dishes when he gets home before dinner.. mumbling something of atleast put the clean ones away... I should make more of an effort, but by the time he comes home I am usually knee deep in toyroom toys and pooey nappies! :)

    Love the post - I am getting up and doing the dishes now!

    you have been visited by a member of #teamIBOT ;) Have a great day!!

  2. Note to self, must get dishes done before school pickup or they'll never be done in time for hubby's arrival home full of expectant dinner proceedings. 'Cos that's what it will be by the time childhood negotiations, homework, school pick up, washing folding, hurried floor cleaning and maybe a cup of tea is slipped in there somewhere myself...

  3. How did the list go today? Hope you managed to do most of what you wrote down!! That's a good habit btw.. I often forget what I need to do.. sometimes I write it down but forget where I left that note ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. ahhh the dreaded lists.... they work, and sometimes they don't. Go with the flow, and if you tick off a few, job well done in my opinion! and a pat on the back as well xx

  5. Oh you crack me ! Accountability is good for sure! Hope it works for you!

  6. Dishes do my head in. I can't stand doing them, but I can't stand to see them next to the sink either. All the best with your crafting for the stall!