May 7, 2012

Make it Matter Monday

Welcome to the first edition of Make it Matter Monday here at Making Time to Make it Matter.  (say that 5 times really fast if you dare)  I am still not entirely sure what shape this is all going to take I just know I need to do something.  So here it is.

As you may recall Making Time to Make it Matter was spawn from all the benefits I gained from being a part of The Mother Experiment's Me & YOU link up.  I am still amazed at the accountability I gained for myself by sharing what I needed to do with my readers.  It was like, well I put it on the Internet and my page hits tell me people at least looked at it and some of them probably read it so I better stay true to my word.

Lately I have not been partaking in my weekly recording of what I did and what needs to be done.  I got to big for my boots and thought I had it all under control.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  I may have briefly, at some point had something under control but I was by no means ready to fly solo all the time and just do everything that needed to be done.

In recent week the washing has over taken a number of areas.  The kitchen table, the laundry, the back veranda, the bathroom floor.  There have been baskets of washing, both clean and dirty, laying all over the place.  In fact about the only place it hasn't been is folded up nicely in the cupboard.

As for the dishes.  Well.  I have never seen towers like them before.  And so regularly as well.  In fact, it feels like ALL the time.  It's like someone is just coming along and making them all dirty just for the fun of it or something.  Like they think I like washing dishes.  Or perhaps it is they think I like towers of dishes all over the kitchen?

Anyway I am sure you get the picture.

Let's just say I have been struggling a little of late.  Not as much as I once did but it hasn't been as easier as it was when I first set out.  Which actually happens to be a bit of a common thread in many areas of life of late.  I know that persistence is the key and persist is what I will do.

Yet again I find myself stuck with the knowledge that I need to firmly establish some goals, only I have know idea where to begin or how to go about it.  I don't want to be setting goals I can't achieve because they are unrealistic.  I also don't want to be setting goals that are to simple or without challenge.  I want authentic and achievable goals that are planted firmly in reality.

The other week the lovely Jess posted about how she had enlisted the help of her husband in the role of a manager.  Which let me tell you is just brilliant.  I haven't quite got around to it yet but I have been thinking about getting Mr Awesome to aid me in something similar.  After much thought I began to wonder if what I was lacking was accountability.

Maybe one of the reasons why I am so lax with my household chores is because there is no accountability for my actions.  There is not task master telling me off for not having a clean kitchen at the start of the day.  Nor is there anyone complaining about the delays in getting clean clothes to the the cupboards.  It is tough though, for as much as I don't want someone telling me I have to do all these things it perhaps appears as if I may need someone giving me a little push here and there.

Just another one of life's many juggling acts I guess.

The first thing I am going to concentrate on this week is setting myself up with a weekly schedule that allows time for the following

  • running
  • writing
  • quality family time
  • housework
  • helping at the school
  • socialising

From there I will stop and reassess where everything is and choose the right direction to head forward in.  All sounds pretty simple when I say it like that doesn't it?

What about you?  What is going to matter to you this week?

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