May 9, 2012

How I went

For those of you interested in how I went with my list yesterday, this is the post for you.  For those of you who missed yesterday's post here is what I hoped to do

  • Buy items necessary for gift stall gifts
  • Make items, ready for stall (tomorrow {which is now today), I did say it was all a bit last minute)
  • Write two awesome blog posts (this one and one at APL)
  • Read a heap of awesome #IBOT posts
  • Clean kitchen
  • Fold washing
  • Fold more washing
  • Cook dinner and clean kitchen again
In the nearly two hours that Miss Nearly Six went to school for, before deciding to come home sick, I managed to duck into the awesomeness that is Officeworks.  I like to think of it as the wife equivalent to Bunnings.  As you can imagine it tickles me no end to know they are owned by the same company.  Just completes the whole him and her thing for me.  Anyway yesterday I managed to duck in there get the laminating pouches and things that I needed, plus only a few extras I didn't really need.

It is with great delight that I can report I did get a heap of bookmarks made.  When I say bookmarks I mean bits of wrapping paper that have been laminated.  Miss Eleven was a great help with these.  We decided to spice things up a bit this year and made some fridge magnets as well.
When I finally got everyone into bed last night I even managed to whip up a few tissue paper flowers.  Of which I naturally don't have photos for because I forgot.  In fact the only reason I could post the one above is because Miss Eleven had kept a few for herself.  I find it all a bit ironic really since yesterday I posted this to Instagram
See! I am a real Mummy blogger.  Here is a photo of lunch today
I have noticed that most other blogs have a lot more photos than what I do.  It is something I have been thinking about it a bit lately.  My over active imagination considered that the reason why I am yet to make it big is because of the lack of imagery.  Anyway back to me being accountable for my time yesterday.

When I wrote my post here yesterday I was quietly confident that I had it all in the bag.  I felt calm and in control.  Even though I had left it all to the day before.  I was certain I had not over extended myself. Of course at nine o'clock last night when I was only just halfway through what I wanted to make I was questioning this.  As it turned out I had just the right amount.  I still need to make some more flowers but that is not such as a bad thing as I am thinking they may well make a great how to vlog.

Sadly I never got the second awesome post written.  Thankfully I have a relaxed attitude to that and can sleep well with knowing I at least got one awesome post written.  While I may not have read as many awesome IBOT posts as I would have liked, I did manage to read all my #teamIBOT posts.  So all is not lost there.

I had been really super efficient before I blogged and folded some washing.  Even managed to get it put away.  As we all know though there is always more.  Sadly though more did not get done here yesterday. Even as I write there is a line full of washing patiently waiting for me to get it in.  The joys of no rain - never a rush to get the washing in till it is actually needed.

Dinner was cooked and ready at a reasonable hour.  Super big well done to me on that one.  Particularly since there was enough left over that we get it again tonight.  Which is what has allowed me to sit here and write. 

The kitchen however is another story altogether.  So are the floors.

In fact the less said about them the better.

Since it is nearly dinner time there is little point putting up a list of what I need to do.  Aside from that this post has gone on for nearly long enough and big thanks to you for still reading.  

Tomorrow will be much like today.  At school selling to the masses.  Thankfully I have found another mum to keep me company.  Which is nice.  Especially since our daughters are in the same class and we don't really know each other.  Even though I am not going to give myself a to do list for tomorrow I will still be back then with some more on how I plan on increasing my accountability.

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