May 10, 2012

A bit of a quickie

When I started Making Time to Make it Matter, I wasn't really too sure of what I wanted.  I briefly thought that I would be able to pump out a heap of posts in only a short period of time and be able to enter the Sydney Writer's Centre Best Blog Competition in the Best New Blog category.  Because you know each of those posts that I pumped out would have been nothing short of awesome and naturally I would have walked away a clear winner.  Lucky for the rest of the Australian blogging community I am a slacker and a much more deserved winner was announced today.

Speaking of winners I was pretty chuffed to see the overall winner with the best Aussie blog went to the more than deserving Edenland.  As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, Eden rocks.

Back to this blog.

Over the last few days I have been making the effort to make sure I post every day.  Now I know that there is a danger in just posting for the sake of posting but one thing I am starting to realise is that I need to make the time to write every single day.  Even if it only turns out to be a short crappy post about what I hope to do today or what I didn't do today.  Either way I need to make the time to get some words out.  Because at the end of the day it always makes me feel good to know that I have actually written something.  This is only improved by the thought that someone else may have read it and been moved in some shape or form by my words.

Yesterday I briefly spoke of how busy I was at the mother's day stall.  Today is pretty much a duplicate of that.  There is a small part of me that thinks my levels of effort could have been increased but there is a larger part of me that shouts it out with at least you did something.  I know that mantra may not always see you through life but at the moment it is my biggest source of inspiration.  That and something is better than nothing.

Tomorrow will see me at the school again.  At least for the morning.  There is a breakfast and then assembly and then perhaps some cash counting so I can spend the weekend basking in the glory of how much money I helped make before Monday morning comes and I wish for no one to mention it again.  I am one of those shy helpers that really doesn't like to much fuss made of what I do.  Else I start to question my effort levels.  I tend to feel people praise me more than I actually deserve.

Once my school duties are completed I should come home and get all the housework out the way so that it is done and dusted for the weekend.  That way we are left with ample time for family fun and frivolity.

What will probably happen is Miss Two and I will come home and have a sleep.  The housework will be forgotten and we will awake Saturday morning to discover that all required sporting uniforms are in fact still in the wash.  Nothing like living on the edge.

Actually the part about the uniforms won't happen at all because I have actually already washed them.  All bar one pair of socks are neatly waiting in the cupboard.  Go me right?

In an ideal world I will be up before the crack of dawn baking muffins to take along to the breakfast.  Since it has just passed eleven o'clock I should head off from here and get some sleep otherwise the above mentioned muffins will remain nothing more than just mentioned.

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