May 21, 2012

Make it Matter Monday

Last week there was no making it matter anything.  Last week was a bit of a standstill in many ways.  In fact last week was such a waste of a week I am not even sure why I had to endure it.  I achieved nothing, got nowhere and am more than glad that it is all behind me.

In my defense I did have a sickly child which brought with it broken sleep and constant demands.  However I also managed to waste quite large portions of the days playing stupid (yet addictive) computer games.  Thankfully that is all behind me now though.  A new week has started and I am ready and raring to go.

Little Miss Too Sick For School is no longer too sick for school and happily returned to the classroom today.  It was actually a little tricky to see who was more excited, myself or her.  Don't get me wrong I love having them around and have even briefly contemplated the possibility of home schooling, but last week there were things I wanted to do that having a sickly child stopped me from doing.  The first few days I was full of understanding and compassion but by Friday it had been replaced with frustration and a lack of patience.

Back to this week though.

When I last wrote about  Make it Matter Monday, I was going to write myself up a schedule for the weeks to come.  One that would allow me time for simple things like running, writing, quality family time, helping at the school and socialising, both for me and the children.  Needless to say that never happened.  Which in some ways is not a bad thing as I just realised that I should have included some form of housework to the list.

As I sit here I feel I can honestly say that the house is more in order than it has been for quite some time.  There are still a few little areas in need of attention but on the whole it is not too bad.  Let's just it is all manageable at the moment and I feel far from my usually feeling of being overwhelmed by it all.  Which I must say is kinda nice, especially after my stay in struggle town last week.

In fact this week is even off to such a great start I managed to get my Martha Stewart on before school.
Not only did I get my Martha on but I managed to take a happy snap and Instagram it, 
giving more hope that I may one day really cut it as a blogging super star.

So goals for this week

  • exercise - I would like this to actually read running but Miss Eleven has decided that riding to school is the latest trend and being the over protective mother that I am this mean I too must ride to school with her.  Which kinds sucks as it cuts into my running time but I can still get fit from bike riding so I guess all is not lost.
  • writing - I really want a week of scheduled posts in place.  
  • set up a weekly plan (even if it is just a loose one)
  • stay on top of the housework - you know simple stuff like do the dishes before they stack up to leaning tower levels, do a load of laundry a day, yadda, yadda...
  • finish cleaning the fridge - seemed like such a good idea yesterday when I started.  Halfway through though I lost interest and put it all back.  Turns out the job was much bigger than expected and not able to be squeezed in before dinner preparations.  Live and learn I guess.
  • clean one cupboard - I am sure part of the reason why I am so disorganised is because I have cupboards full of crap.  Crap that is not longer needer and should be moved out of my house.  I plan to tackle a cupboard a week till they are all done.
  • Get my head around a heap of school council dramas and provide some solutions- Urgh. 
On top of that I am helping out in the canteen for two days so it looks like a pretty full on week.  Which is both good and bad.  The old saying if you want something done ask a busy person keeps playing in my head so hopefully having a lot on my plate will mean I get a lot done.  

There is also a lot of in between the lines stuff I want to do as well.  Stuff like bake more snacks, have lunches sorted in advance, try meal planning, the list is probably endless.  There are a few reasons why am not going into to many details.  The first being I don't want to bore you and the second being if I don't get them done I won't beat myself up too much.

So on that note I better step away from my beloved Mac and get things done!


  1. Glad to know that she's feeling better and bk in school! those oven bakes look so yum!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Good luck for the week're not alone! I'll be down here trying to do the same things (even riding to school!).