October 22, 2012

A hot date and I take being really really ridiculously good looking to a whole new level

Saturday was Mr Awesome's birthday. I was certain that it would provide me with ample opportunity to strut my really really ridiculously good looking self. After all we had lunch booked in with our mothers and while details were sketchy we had a few hours in the evening put aside for a hot date.

Lunch was to be a simple affair down at the local sports club. As a valued member, Mr Awesome, had been sent a $20 voucher to celebrate his special day. We had arranged to meet everyone at 12pm. Naturally at 11.45 we were not even close to being ready to leave so we rang and told everyone to push it back by half an hour. Turns out this suited everyone better anyway.

Even though we were rushing and running late I took the time for a bit of mascara and lippy. Well I coloured my lips in with a lip liner and then rubbed some Vaseline over them for a bit of a shine. That is like lippy isn't it?

Anyway what I didn't do was stop and take a photo of my efforts. Which is a shame because my effort also included wearing a skirt and that doesn't happen every day of the week let me tell you. As we were racing out the door I made some passing remark about how I went to extra effort now in case the whole hot date thing didn't work out. It was almost like my sub conscious could foresee the evening's events.

Cutting a long story short we did manage to make it out. Living life on an edge we randomly decided to catch a bus into the city and go to dinner. Only we didn't exactly leave ourselves enough time to get ready. This resulted in us racing out the door in pretty much the same clothes we wore to lunch except I ditched the skirt in favour of rolled up jeans. Rolled up on account it is to darn hot to wear them otherwise.

Sharing the above photo on my Facebook page Lauren kindly reminded me of what a great opportunity this could be to join in #RRRGL. Or at least it would have been had I not been wearing clothes that I was sure I had already blogged about.

Not wanting to lose an opportunity though I took a few more selfies while waiting for the bus home.

In the first couple I worried my eyes didn't look open. Clearly I then over compensated for that.

Just in case you wanted to see what my rolled up jeans looked like.
Oh and my orange shoes. I love them. Which is lucky because other than sneakers and thongs they are all I have to cover my little feet up with. And to show you that I really had gone all out there is my arm with an extra two bangles on. All out I tell you.

Joining in with all the other really really ridiculously good looking people

The Surprise Beginning


  1. You had me at orange shoes! Now, you need to Google "how to take a selfie" x

  2. Oh, and happy birthday, Mr Awesome!

  3. You crack me up! Glad you had a nice day and night together. Good to get some time out together :)

  4. Love those shoes! Nice job on the RRRGLM'ness. I loved it. :D

  5. Hahahaha, LOVE it! You're more than just hilarious with your very open eyes there - you are RRRGL! x

  6. Hahahaha, LOVE it! You're more than just hilarious with your very open eyes there - you are RRRGL! x

  7. And apparently blogger hates me tonight so you get three comments - but this one is different! Rolling jeans up is so hot right now ;P