October 14, 2012

Songs on Sunday

Despite spending the greater portion of the week cleaning the house is still in need of  a quick once over. It is such a vicious never ending cycle that we are all to well aware of. In a bid to make this dreariness somewhat bearable I like to listen to music.

Since I find decision making tricky at times I tend to just let iTunes select what is played. Though I do skip through a few here and there. On the whole it is not to bad. Though it does only stand to reason that I would like whatever is played based on the fact that it is my music collection and all.

Every now and then though there comes a stretch of great songs. As I sat down to write this post that very moment was occurring. iTunes had kindly selected one of my favourite songs. Well a cover version of it any way.

From Little Things Big Things grow has been up there in my top favourite list. Having Dan Sultan sing it though just makes my knees go gooey. Dan Sultan has seriously got the look if you know what I mean. He is my school girl giggly, gets me juicy guy.

But moving along.

I am not sure what relevance that has to anything. iTunes had kindly selected the above song for my listening pleasure. As Dan gets to his bit I suddenly realise I could probably view it on YouTube. And low and behold...

The rest, as they say is history.

Next up was

Which while not having quite the same effect on me as Sultan it is still a rather enjoyable tune to do the cleaning to. It is no good for writing as I get to caught up in the heart warming lyrics.

So there you have it, some of the songs I am listening to this Sunday.

What are you up to? Or better still what songs are you listening to?

Joining in with Thea for her Tuesday Tunes


  1. My 3 year old gave bruno the thumbs up but told me to turn from little things big things grow off!!

  2. Wow, I didn't know that was a real song! I thought it was just an ad on TV!!
    Love this version. And Bruno Mars is always cool and cruisy. Great songs and thanks so much for linking up with my first 'Tuesday's Tune'! :)