October 12, 2012

Not quite making the mark, but by no means throwing in the towel

So my plans of moving for thirty minutes a day have not gone so well this week. One may even think that for a few days I actually forgot about my commitment to #OperationMOVE with the ever lovely Kate Says Stuff. The main reason why one may think that is because I pretty much did.

How that happened I am not really sure but it did. After I posted on Friday it was like all thought of exercise just left my mind. Mind you it does appear as if my mind is just a little blank at the moment anyway. Two weeks into it and twice I forget to update Kate on how many minutes I have moved for.

Go me hey?

It is not all doom and gloom though. While I may not have been moving as much as I did in the first week I still have managed to kick to a few goals.

Like on Tuesday when according to my groovy little running app, I had and average pace of 5.18/min/km and a distance of 5.83km for a total of 31 minutes. Run Rhianna Run!
Me after realising the awesomeness of run
Halfway through I started to feel more than just a little buggered let me tell you. I put it down to the run the day before plus all the activity I did in the pool, moments before I embarked on my attempt to break my own personal land speed record.

Did I mention that my app tells me I ran the fourth kilometer with an average pace of 3.53min/km?

There is a part of me that keeps thinking that the app must be wrong. There must be a crossed wire or something. But then there is another part of me that thinks these apps don't get that kind of thing wrong. Do they?

If they do please don't tell me. I am really enjoying the more than awesome that I am currently feeling. Or at least I feel until I remember that I haven't done anything since then. Well I have got a heap of housework and cleaning out the way but not much exercise. Not anything that counts as moving anyway.

So what has been my movement for the week?

Well I went for my amazing 31 minute run on Tuesday. This followed a not so amazing 31 minute run on Monday. As well as 20 minute self guided aqua aerobics on both days. For a grand total of 102 minutes. Adding today/s ten minute bike ride and the week is sitting not so pretty at 112 minutes.  Some thirteen minutes shorter than last week.

So as of today my total movement minutes for the month are 250. Out of 930. Man that seems a lot right now. Best I get going I guess.

What about you? 
Are you part of #OperationMove? 
How did you go this week?

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  1. That is an awesome run!!! Well done!!

    I have moments where I doubt the app as well, although I think it jut shows that your natural pace is faster than you think!!