October 5, 2012

Getting back into action

For the whole month of September I sat on the sidelines watching others participating in #OperationMOVE over at Kate Says Stuff. With the wedding and the road trip and all that I just knew there was no point setting myself ridiculous fitness goals while on holidays.

Having said that though I did take my runners with me and what's more I even used them. I then delighted in telling anyone who would listen that I was a runner. Not a very fast runner but a runner nonetheless and that as all that really matters. Sometimes I wonder how even I manage to fit in my own lunchbox

Needless to say I was over the moon when I saw that #OperationMOVE would be continued in October.

While the first week of the month is school holidays I am still going to commit to thirty minutes a day. Which equates to 900 minutes over the month. One of the things I loved most about this concept when Kate first posted about was the way she explained all the different types of movement you could include.

You know playing wiiFit with the kidlets or dancing to some tunes or a who,e range of other fun stuff. This kind of idea is perfect for a non committed easily distracted kind of gal like me.

So with that in mind here is how I have made up my minutes so far

Monday October 1 - 20 minute run with kids on bikes and scooters, 10 minute walk

Tuesday October 2 - 15 minute self guided water aerobics, 15 minutes Dance Party 3, sadly I am not really a co ordinated mover or groover.

Wednesday October 3 - Rode bike 4.5km to park, walked around park and enjoyed free activities for the kids provided by the local council. Rode home via the supermarket (3.7km but not sure how that works dodgy Runkeeper). I did try and time myself but forgot to check my timer upon arrival. Pretty sure we were longer than 30 minutes but that is all I a going to claim. I also tried my little water aerobics routine as well.

Thursday October 4 - 15 minutes running in pool (water between chest to waist), further 20 minutes playing in pool with kidlets, this included a few championship races iykwim

Not a bad overall I guess but I had hoped for a bit more bike riding or running proper in there. With the onset of school next week, combined with the crack of dawn seeming somewhat earlier, I am hoping to introduce some early morning runs. The sudden increase in the day time temperature is also causing me to rethink when I run.

Above all else though I am excited to have cause to again keep fitness in the forefront of my mind. Till next week folks stay happy and healthy!

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