October 9, 2012

Being Really Really Ridiculously Active and Good Looking

Now I am sure #RRRGL regulars may have been wondering where I slipped off to. With the wedding and the road trip blogging has been at a minimal. I had hoped by now that I would have come across some beautiful photos of myself at my sister's wedding. I haven't. In fact I have barely come across any photos of me at all. Good or otherwise. I am starting to wonder if I was even there?

Thankfully he still hasn't seen the photographer's shots so there is still hope. Which means I will post pone that post for at least another week.

Which is not such a bad thing as it means I can share some of the other funky outfits that I have adorned lately. I there were of course occasions when funky outfits adorned my body.

Instead I give to you this

Yep that is me running. In my not favourite running outfit. It was all a spur of the moment thing. Not the running things, I had that planned all day long. The photo thing was a bit spur of the moment. As I was running I came across this beautiful tree. Since there was a track looping around it I thought I would try my hand at photos on the run.

Because you know, isn't that what Bloggers do?

Anyway I had the camera all ready and waiting for me to get back round near the tree and I thought I wonder what I look like while I run? Well wondering I am no more and now neither are you. And yes taking this was not as easy as you would think.

So there is me with my rather awesome Oakley sunnies that Mr Awesome and the kids got me for mother's day. They are so much lighter than my old ones that I am sure I started running faster with them.

The shirt is a K-Mart special and probably four years old. Though it has really only been the last twelve months that have seen it out and about. Rather pleasingly it is somewhat baggier than when I first got it. Though just between you and me that may purely be because the material has stretched as much as I have shrunk.

The tights are again a K-Mart special. We are after all a single income family and how many horror stories do we know of ridiculous amounts of money being forked out for exercise clothes that never get worn. Having said that though I did score a pair of Adidas running tights from A-Mart for $10 and OMG! The difference is certainly noticeable. So much so that now I am a running addict I may just start treating myself with more in that range.

As for the tree? Well. Don't ask. The photo was so dismal and so not anything like a beautiful tree in full bloom that I deleted the moment I looked at it. It is only now that I am thinking I should have shared it here. Nothing like a little laugh at my expense. Next time I promise.

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The Surprise Beginning

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-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses


  1. Haha, great post. I love my running clothes and I have never ever got a decent running photo. Rachel xx

    #TeamIBOT was here x

  2. fabulous post!!! I am not a runner.. I don't think I could be.. but I'll walk.. (whinging alot!) :)

    #teamIBOT :)

  3. I'm a huge fan of exercise clothes, but its been ages since I bought some. I think we need to go shopping....

  4. I last after lulu lemon clothes, but then they cost the GDP of a small country to buy. I think I don't exercise as I can't a ford the clothes - ha ha ha, or another silly reason :)

  5. I have only recently started running, I mean jogging/fast-walking, and I prefer to take photos of the sun coming through the trees at an hour where I wouldn't usually feel human! ;)

  6. I don't run. Unless chasing an errant child. You look good :)

  7. Heehehe, you're excellent, I want to see pictures from the wedding! x