October 7, 2012

Make it Matter - A Plan For the Week

Traditionally I have been all about Make it Matter Monday. Only for the last few weeks, perhaps even months, that has not worked out to well for me. The main reason for this I think is because by the time Monday gets here I already need to be set up and ready to go. Well that and the fact that Monday is also the day that The Surprise Beginning hosts her Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking meme I love joining in there.

So here we are on a Sunday getting ready to make the week ahead matter.

As I type my house is somewhere between an atrocious disaster and a pigsty. I guess it just depends on your preference. Either way both of them signify that my house is in dire need of attention. Which probably explains my overwhelming urge to blog. Though the impending meal time and expectation of food probably has something to do with that as well. The desire to blog is often strongest when time to blog is not really available. I wonder why that is?

Anyway back to making a plan.

With the kidlets going back to school for the final ten week term time is of the essence. Hopefully I should have plenty more of it to do with as I wish. The holiday week was jam packed with child requested activities. Which was fine at the time but right now I just want to do what I want. (again explains why I am blogging)

The first thing that I apparently want to do is finish unpacking from our adventures. Yes I know we have been home two weeks now, what is your point? Thankfully there is only one suitcase to go and I am actually tempted to just donate it all to charity because we haven't needed anything out of there for two weeks now...

Next on the list is the girls bedroom. Urgh is all I have to say about that. I am thinking a good cull is in order here as well because given the crap that is constantly strewn all over the floor the cupboards must be busting at the hinges.

All the usual stuff like be present, keep the kitchen clean and Mount Washmore will also apply. And because I like to think I perform best under pressure I am going to throw in some floor washing and vacuuming, running and regular writing.

Go me hey?

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  1. You're making me feel guilty...I have cupboards to go through and have been planning that since January...just too daunting to even start!