October 1, 2012

Make it Matter Monday or rather Make What Matter When?

It seems like forever since I have made the time time make stuff matter, especially on a Monday. Mind you I have been off on another outback adventure so I do sort of have a valid reason.

Now that we have returned from our journeys life must return to normal. Or at least some resemblance to it. Though right now I am no longer feeling the love for normal or the way things were. Being away made me feel like a whole different person, one that I was a bit fond of as well.

It was one that didn't need to keep nagging children to do things because they would just get done the first time. The listening and compliance of girls on holidays was just amazing. At least for the most part it was. There was also a lot less bickering and just generally mothering felt so much easier than the normal day to day struggles that can at times ensue.

There is a part of me, and a rather large part at that, that longs to hit the road and never come back. At least not for a long time. There is so much of this wonderful country to show the girls, and myself, that staying at home feels like a bit of a waste.

In my head it all seems so easy. Pack the house up, buy a trailer, traipse around the country side giving the girls wonderful life changing experiences that will help shape them into even awesomer human beings than what they are already set to be. Feeling slightly jaded by the education system I am confident that I have what it takes to ensure that throughout all of this they still learn how to read, write and count.

Naturally reality doesn't quite paint the same picture. Or even close. Reality involves money, that apparently does not grow on trees. Sigh.

Not that I am going to let it get me down.

Mr Awesome has around eighteen months to his get some long service leave. Which equates to a three month long paid holiday. Plenty of time to start planning the adventure of a life time.

So that is what is going to matter for a while. Finding a way to make a dream come true. Sounds easy when I say it like that doesn't it?

Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses

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  1. We've just returned from a road trip and I could have just kept going and going. Our family dynamics are so, so different on the road. I know exactly what you mean, and sadly that silly old money also meant we had to come home instead.